Draperies for Two Story Windows

This week we installed window treatments in two different homes, 30 miles apart, both with two story draperies and also installed treatments over kitchen sinks.  I love how each home has its unique style.

Monday was the day to install linen embroidered sheers which were interlined and lined with white linings. The look is luxurious with the two linings behind sheer fabric.

linen sheer

Sheer Embroidered Linen

I have certainly enjoyed working with a Redo Home & Design designer, Christine Kaufman. She’s a doll and has beautiful taste.  I like how she chose these C.R. Laine Copley chairs placed in front of the draperies.  The client’s room is large and the chairs are in keeping with the scale of the room.  We used 1-1/5″ single pleats @ 8″ long; a balanced look on this tall window.  Christine chose 2″ wood hardware, color “Antique Copper”, which picks up the homeowner’s copper touches in this Great Room and Kitchen alike.

Tall Two Story Sheers, lined and interlined

Two Story Sheers, lined and interlined

Over the kitchen sink, Christine chose a Flat Roman Shade, using tucked linen which we lined in white lining, banded with a wide flat bird-egg blue trim.  The look is clean and I love this attention to detail.  (Excuse the not-quite-focused photo!)

Flat Roman shade with braid

Flat Roman Shade made with tucked linen, banding trim along bottom edge

The treatments we installed Tuesday were made of off-white fabric which has a slight sheen.  This fabric makes a fabulous welcome to the homeowners and visitors alike.  Bright sunlight is a problem for this room during the summer months, so we chose a decorative traverse rod and rings for easy function while keeping a beautiful look, using “Bronzed” wood hardware to compliment the color of the chandelier.

Two story draperies, white fabric with sheen

Two story draperies with 8" Kiss Pleats

We chose the updated, 8″ long “Kiss Pleat” in keeping with the scale of the draperies and height of the room.  For a “normal sized” window, pleats are usually 4″ long.  Here is a closer view of the pleats.

8" Kiss Pleats

Closer View of 8" Kiss Pleats

Striped linen sheers are a welcome compliment in the kitchen.  We pleated the sheers according to the darker stripes for an added custom detail … which you can’t see in this picture, but I swear is there.

Linen Sheers in the Kitchen

Striped Linen Sheers, Pleated on Every Other Stripe

Leave your comment below.  I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas or  Contact me if I can help you with two story windows … or kitchen windows … or … other interior treatment needs!



  1. Beautiful job Camille, the Kiss Pleat is a great name for this pleat. What technique did you use to make it different from a Double Pinch Pleat?

    1. I recently found out that what I call a “Kiss Pleat” is also called a “Butterfly” pleat and probably has other names. There is a difference between a Double Pinch Pleat in that a “Kiss” is pinched together in the MIDDLE of the 4″ (or 8″ in the case of the Two Story Draperies), instead of at the bottom of the 4″ (or however long you make the pleat). Does that make sense?

  2. bern says:

    Hi! Camille, thanks for sharing it helps a lot. Would like to know what is the brand of you traverse rod with ring?

    Thank you

    1. I used Select Drapery Hardware for this. Here’s a link to their online brochure.


  3. Priya says:

    Hi Camille,

    I came across your blog while searching for drapes for my two story family room windows and absolutely loved the drapes that you did for the two story windows.
    We get ample sunlight till about 1 pm everyday since the windows face Southeast.
    Could you please suggest a way I could use drapes to cover these windows to control the sunlight but yet not block the view?

    Thanks so much !

    1. Priya,
      Thank you for your kind comments! I will email you directly to show you some ideas that I have for your windows.

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