Anyone who’s known me for very long knows that I love linen.  I like to wear it and I especially love to make window treatments, pillows, bedding using linen.  So when Lori Paranjape of Redo Home & Design asked me to help her with a new client using all linen fabrics, I was in hog heaven!

The clients had recently purchased this beautiful home and it needed personalizing and updating. We’ll look at the Living Room today.

In the Living Room, Lori Paranjape’s first challenge was this expansive wall and window.  Her vision was to bring the eye down.  She didn’t want to treat the entire window up to the ceiling, but instead wanted to “cozy up” the space.

Here’s a “Before” of the Living Room:

Lori added wainscoting to the wall and had the doors, windows and wainscot all painted in the same oil finish to add detail, unify the wall and add dimension.

The wall color, chandelier, art work, most of the furniture and the window treatments are all new. I’m loving the interest on the backs of the chairs as you enter the house.  A theme which continues to the sofa’s Greek Key banding, the clover shaped ottoman, the monogrammed lumbar pillows, chandelier and finally to the window treatments.

Now a closer look at the draperies and Relaxed Roman Shades.  (And see how the wainscoting gives the whole wall definition?)  The fabric is by Fabricut, a geometric taupe print on creamy white linen.   The Romans are the same creamy color as the background from the drapery fabric. Lori wanted a thinner than usual iron rod, so I ordered the custom hardware (made by ironsmith Kris Nethercutt of Franklin) as one continuous 3/4″ iron rod across the wall with brackets hidden behind the drapery panels for a clean look.  The hardware wraps to the wall with a French Bracket, so no finials were needed.  We lined and interlined the window treatments, hand hemming the side seams for a luxurious drape.  Ball fringe was added to the leading edges of the curtains and bottom of Romans to unify the two and add a touch of detail.

Detail of the ball fringe

Detail of the ball fringe

I hope you enjoyed our tour of this lovely Living Room.  Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you!