Computer software even helps the drapery industry.  I’ve always sketched out ideas on paper or shown magazine photos to help clients visualize window treatments.  But last summer I took a drapery software course from “Minutes Matter Studio Software” and now I am able to offer ideas through software renderings.

I met with a new client in February.  We agreed on design ideas, she picked beautiful fabrics and hardware.   Sometimes it’s hard for a client to visualize the end result.  In this case, her husband was unable to meet with us, so it was nice to be able to send renderings of the ideas that we’d discussed and gotten excited about.  Using photos of my clients’ actual home, I superimposed window treatments on top of the photo to give a better idea of how the treatments would look.

I want to share the renderings with you and also photos of the actual treatments, which were installed recently.

Dining Room Idea, using Studio’s StoryBoard Software

We felt that the beautiful eyebrow arched window would look lovely with “Desert” silk draperies, lined and interlined, installed on wood hardware which closely matched the dining room table, and pulled back to add a romantic touch to the room.  Below is a photo of the finished window treatment for the dining room.

Silk Draperies, Pulled Back on Arched Window in Dining Room

The second StoryBoard was for curtains over two French doors.  Here’s the rendering:


Living Room Storyboard

And now for the finished curtains, using “Parchment” Linen.  My camera lens made the ceiling and iron hardware look bowed … it’s not … it’s laser straight!  Sorry for the awkward illusion.

Linen curtains over French Doors

So there you have it.  Custom made curtains, made the way they were made decades ago, meets modern day computer software!

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