Looking back at photos on my computer brings back happy memories of projects I worked on and clients I worked with in 2010.  I want to share 10 of these projects.  Let me just say that often times I either forget my camera or take crummy photos, so if your project is missing from my list, don’t take it personally!  I’m working on my camera skills.  I was the designer and fabricator on the projects, unless otherwise noted.


Silk Portiere curtains


Photo 1:  The first photo is of a “Portiere curtain”.  Charlie is enjoying the beautiful addition to his foyer.  My client needed privacy at night, but didn’t want anything hanging on the door.  I absolutely love curtains in a doorway!

Photo 2:  This room was taken with my new Canon camera and lens which will take tall rooms without distortion.  This treatment really warms up the room and makes the room feel balanced.

Photo3: Charity Tour of Homes, October 2010.  This was the fabulous dining room.  See “before” picture, too.  Designed by Amelie DeGaulle

BEFORE:  Dining Room




Photo 4:  A lovely breakfast room with Sunbrella Sheers.  Glare in the mornings were a bear; some mornings the clients had to wear sunglasses!  Now they can eat in a beautiful tree top setting without feeling closed in

Photo 5– Scrumptous silk bedding, shams, pillows and even headboard. 
Designer:  Kim Costner

Photo 6:  Designer Elisha Cypert standing by portiere curtains in an historic home in Franklin,TN.  Love how the curtains pull in the homeowner’s artwork.  The name of the fabric is “Tree of Life”.  And note the architectural piece, original to the home.

Photo 7:  An Italian Villa, located in Nashville, TN.  These cafe’ curtains are made of imported hand made lace, banded in taffeta.  Note the walls of marble.  Oh, this is a really a fun project!!   Designer:  Carolyn Campbell

Photo 8:  This condo is in The Gulch in Downtown Nashville.  My client could not sleep a wink past 5 AM, even with solar shades at the windows.  We remedied the problem: Ripplefold curtains with blackout lining.

Photo 10:  Creamy linen valance with pleated ruffle.  I love the light play on the ruffle.