Celtic Design Pillows With a Twist: Ode to Mrs Phoebe Howard

I just love adding design details when the occasion arises.  If I have to copy someone else’s design, so be it.  In this case, I fell madly in love with a pillow that I saw on Mrs. Howard’s Personal Shopper blog, dated January 25, 2012, entitled “Quick Change: Blue and White“.   Phoebe Howard is a fantastic Southern (US) designer; I have followed her in magazines and online for years.  Mrs. Howard was recently interviewed on the “Skirted Roundtable” and another of my fave designers, Joni Webb, just posted about Mrs. Phoebe Howard on her blog, Cote De Texas.  Click here to read a fabulous interview with Mrs. Howard.

Ahhh, but my point is that I admire a pillow that I found on Mrs. Howard’s website.  Here is Mrs. Howard’s pillow, in navy Celtic detail on white linen.  This pillow lists for $290 and is 22″ square.  Doesn’t it take your breath away?

Celtic Pillow by Phoebe Howard Personal Shopper


Here is our rendition.  Tan linen Celtic detail on white linen, 22″ square.

Camille Moore Interior Treatments Celtic Pillow

Celtic Design Pillow with Tan Detail on White Linen

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  1. Great job, Camille (and Mariya!) Very sharp looking.

    1. Camille says:

      Great to see you out there! I’ve popped into your blog a few times lately too. I know that this pillow isn’t Celtic in the truest sense of the word … intertwining lines, but I love the simplicity in the small 22″ space. Besides, you KNOW the trouble I had with those crossing lines! ha Thank you and I’ll tell Mariya about your reply!